New Camera

11th September 2013

So after lots of looking and umm-ing and aah-ing for at least a year I finally decided to go for it and pick up a used Nikon D3. What a great camera!

I mainly wanted it for the low light capability and the fast focusing abilities. The shutter speed was a bonus and not really a necessity for the type of photography I do. Even during motor spot I often only shoot on 5 fps but depending on the action now can put it up to 9fps if required. 

After using the D200 a lot for the above type of photography I found that I was using the grip more and more. The D3 is actually smaller in dimensions than the D200 with the grip so it is nice to have a slightly more compact unit with the portrait controls too all built in. It obviously feels much more solid than when there is an additional grip attached to the D200. 

All in I am happy with the upgrade and looking forward to using it at some gigs and in the other areas i'm interested in. 

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